Working Conditions Of The Piston

- Dec 21, 2018-

The piston works under high temperature, high pressure, high speed and poor lubrication conditions. Piston direct contact with high temperature gas, instantaneous temperature up to more than 2500K, therefore, the heat is serious, and the heat dissipation conditions are very poor, so the piston working temperature is very high, the top up to 600~700k, and the temperature distribution is very uneven, the top of the piston under the pressure of the gas is very large, especially the maximum work travel pressure, Gasoline engine up to 3~5MPA, diesel engine up to 6~9mpa, which makes the piston impact, and bear the role of side pressure, the piston in the cylinder at a high speed (8~12m/s) reciprocating movement, and the speed is constantly changing, which creates a great inertia force, so that the piston is subject to a large additional load. When the piston works in this harsh condition, it will deform and accelerate wear, as well as additional loads and thermal stresses, while being chemically corroded by the gas.