Troubleshooting Of Cylinder Liners

- Dec 21, 2018-

The punching cylinder engine pad is a common fault. The punching pad can take many common forms of noise. Because the cylinder pad is washed away to varying degrees, the resulting noise is different.

The red-120 is based on three sets of different pulsed bulldozer engine cylinder pad faults, showing the exclusion method. One of the appearance of cold start bulldozer "when, when" Liang Sheng gongs and drums, the first out of a white smoke discharge, smoking, the engine suddenly caught fire, suddenly the throttle when there is a knock, throttle stable noise disappeared, if repeated sudden throttle, there is still a knock on the door. Off the tank check, they found a different sound in the VI cylinder. Doubt that the injector needle is eye-catching. Deletes the check for normal results. The first cylinder head is removed, we found that the cylinder pad burning smoke, cylinder cylinder heads bolts turned out to be tense (torque up to 250n· m) phenomenon, while cylinder cylinders and cylinder pads are not compressed, because there is a water body blocking higher than the upper body flat. Replace the cylinder pad, and on the aircraft, the re-ringing, that is, the loss of the installation of height water block, the engine is operating normally.