The Problem With The Piston's Card Death

- Dec 21, 2018-

Piston rings are stuck in the ring groove because of the carbon generated by the oil burning. And what you're talking about. PISTON ring wear is not uniform. And just after changing the four packages or a lot of burning oil. Should be part of the quality of the accessories. Diesel engines need to measure the coordination gap between the piston and the cylinder liner even if they change four packages. Never mind that the four packages are components. The assembly is not very serious at the factory. Too big, you might as well measure it. Your situation should be caused by the burning of oil piston ring card death. This situation is mainly caused by the problem of accessories. Installing four matching technologies is a must-have technique for repairmen, There is generally no problem. Once there is a problem, it will be worse than this. such as knocking on the cylinder. Paddle. PISTON RING fracture. The supplier of pull-cylinder fittings, as you say, is not pay for to lose. As for the repairman, outsiders are not good at judging. Unless you stop repairing in this garage, other repair shops will find the real reason. and tell you truthfully. If you change the new cylinder liner. Piston and piston ring assemblies but the engine still burns the oil. Mainly due to the following reasons: cylinder liner and piston with the gap is too large. The opening gap of the piston ring is too large. The internal processing of the cylinder liner is rough and the cylinder liner is conical.