Our Forklift Parts Export To Southeast Asian Country Thailand

- Jun 03, 2020-

Our Forklift parts export to Southeast Asian Country Thailand

Under the influence of the global outbreak of the new coronavirus, our company export orders has been fell, But with the efforts of our company and the whole staffs, export orders has been increased in May, now in steady development, especially export to southeast Asian countries, 

This week we have goods exported to thailand, transaction amount is around $100000, the goods including engine system, gearbox system and brake series, forklift radiator, and some other electronic appliances of the forklift spare parts. 

These are the hot popular products in our company, Also some are our new products, the client in thailandtrust us, placed some other orders which were plan to purchase from their another supplier, The reason is our excellent quality, stable product performance, simple and convenient usage, high degree of safety, economic and environmental protection, thoughtful service, 

They are satisfied and assured, do not need to worry about quality, even if there is a problem, we will actively cooperate to solve, reduce customer losses. 

Live up to customer support, adhering to provide the best quality of forklift spare parts,offer customers with better products and services.