Introduction To Cylinder Liner

- Dec 21, 2018-

Cylinder liner is divided into two categories, dry cylinder liner and wet cylinder sleeve. The cylinder sleeve with no contact with cooling water on the back is called the dry cylinder liner, and the cylinder sleeve in contact with the back and cooling water is the wet cylinder sleeve. The dry cylinder liner is thinner in thickness, simple in structure and convenient in processing.

The wet cylinder liner is in direct contact with the cooling water, so it is conducive to engine cooling and is beneficial to the small lightweight of the engine.

Processing process

Cylinder barrel:----Coarse car---heat treatment (tuning)-----vehicle (flat head chamfering)----rough push inner hole---rolling inner hole----vehicle (outer circle open nest)----car inner hole stop----welding cylinder bottom----vehicle (outer circle) as needed and internal galvanized or chrome plated

Implementation standards

Wet cylinder liner Production implementation Standard of gb/t1150-2010, this standard is applicable to the cylinder liner diameter is less than or equal to 200mm reciprocating piston internal combustion engine wet cast iron cylinder liner.

The national standard of dry cylinder liner is still jb/nq 56.1~56.3-87, the general dry cylinder sleeve wall thickness is 4mm.