Forklift Development Prospects

- Feb 01, 2019-


Forklift development prospects

The global market for motor and industrial vehicles is on the rise. Emerging economies are differentiated, and the markets, mainly those in Western Europe and the United States, have maintained a good growth, which has returned to the level before the financial crisis.

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After more than a year of adjustment in the domestic market, the sales volume in 2016 reached a new record high, with more models and more complete types.Functional requirements for ease of operation, management and efficiency will be more widely applied than before.

Since 2015, the export of electric forklifts has exceeded that of internal combustion forklifts, and electric walking storage forklifts are becoming a new growth point of the industry.Under the change of exchange rate and cost, while making product quality more reliable, brand recognition and service ability should be improved as soon as possible to improve market competitiveness.

Due to the characteristics of electric lift trucks in the energy conservation environmental protection, large-tonnage electric forklift products are available, will drive the rapid development of the leasing industry, food, beverage and some other conditions and environmental requirements of industry, under the policy is expected to further increase the demand for electric forklift, host and related components supporting enterprises need to focus on industry demand, timely adjustment of production and sales, and service mode.