Effects Of Pistons

- Dec 21, 2018-

With the automobile vehicle to the engine power, economy, environmental protection and reliability requirements more and more stringent, the piston has developed into a set of lightweight high-strength new materials, special-shaped outer circle composite surface, special-shaped pin hole and other new technologies in one of the high-tech products, in order to ensure the piston heat resistance, wear resistance, Smooth orientation and good sealing function reduce engine friction and power loss, reduce fuel consumption, noise and emissions. In order to meet the above functional requirements, the outer circle of the piston is usually designed into a shaped outer circle (medium convex variable ellipse), that is, the cross section perpendicular to the piston axis is an ellipse or a modified ellipse, and the ellipticity changes according to a certain law along the axis direction (as shown in Figure 1), The elliptic accuracy is 0.005mm, the outer contour of the piston longitudinal profile is the fitting curve of the high quadratic function, and the contour precision is 0.005~0.01mm, and in order to improve the bearing capacity of the piston to increase the lifting power of the engine, the pin hole of the high load piston is usually designed into a micro-conical or positive stress surface (special-shaped pin hole), Pin hole size accuracy up to IT4 level, contour accuracy of 0.003mm.