2020 Company Annual Party

- Jan 20, 2021-

The annual company party is to look forward to the development vision of the company in the coming year, 

enrich the cultural life of the employees, and enhance the communication, exchange and teamwork awareness 

among employees.

But the 2020 annual party is special. It's different from the usual gathering, jubilation and celebration.

Affected by Novel Coronavirus, the company has cancelled our long-awaited annual meeting, and each department 

can only have dinner and hold interdepartment activities by itself.

The company's lottery activities will be lead by company leaders, department manager, employees representatives 

selected by department staff to supervise the lottery activities.

All other annual activities were cancelled, including speeches by company leaders, New Year's speech, staff 

performances, such as singing, dancing, team tug-of-war, rope skipping and so on.

Although the annual meeting was not held as scheduled, it did not affect the enthusiasm of employees and the cohesion 

of the company.