2020 Annual Working Summary Report

- Feb 05, 2021-

Going 2020 our sale market contracted slightly:

mainly started from Feb,2020 lasting to Apr, with sale amout down about 

10%. But we were cautiously optimistic when came to Middle of May,all has 

been keep in stable rise.

6 top hottset parts include:

No 1: electric parts, such as solenoid valve,combinaton switch,meter assy etc.

No 2: complete engine assembly, engine spare parts.

No 3: hydraulic parts: hydraulic pump,control valve, torque converter

No 4: electric motors, alternator, starter motor.

No 5: forklift accessory: solid tires,wheel rims.

No 6: Brake system parts.

Everyone was thinking about the grocery, healthcare and medical supplies the 

country needed. But machinery handling products are what moves all of those 

essential products around the country.

We're worked hard to make sure all the lift truck parts of the handling industry 

was included.

Nissan diesel fuel pumpAlternator 12v