Wear cause of cylinder cover

- Dec 21, 2018-

(1) The new or overhauled engine is put into operation without a rigorous grinding commissioning, resulting in early wear and tear of cylinders and other parts.

(2) long-term overload operation. Because of the long-term overload operation of the engine, the temperature of the machine rises, the lubricating oil becomes thinner, the lubrication is bad, accelerates the wear of the cylinder liner, piston and piston ring and other parts.

Also due to the increase in oil, the inflatable coefficient decreased, fuel and air imbalance, combustion is not complete, cylinders and other parts of carbon accumulation increased, resulting in cylinder failure, thus speeding up the early wear of the cylinder. 

(3) Idle operation for a long time. When the engine idle operation for a long time, the machine temperature is too low, the lubrication is poor, the combustion is not complete, producing more carbon, accelerating the early wear of the cylinder.

Also because of the low temperature of the machine, the cylinder is easy to produce acidic substances, thus corroding the cylinder, resulting in hemp point peeling, resulting in early wear of the cylinder. 

(4) frequent start-up.

After the engine is extinguished, the oil in the lubricating oil road quickly flows back into the oil sump, so frequent start, will make the cylinder liner, piston and piston ring and other parts surface in the state of dry friction or semi-dry friction, it is inevitable to accelerate the wear of the cylinder liner. 

(5) Do not pay attention to the maintenance of air filter, resulting in serious blockage of air filter cartridges, without filter air directly into the cylinder. And the air contains a variety of dust impurities, of which silica accounted for more than half, its hardness more than steel, so into the cylinder air, accelerated cylinder wear.