Universal Joint Coupling Steering Shaft Installation Requirements

- Sep 19, 2020-

There're few steps request for Steering Drive Shaft installation:

1.Clean the parts: especially the oil channel of the cross shaft and needle roller bearings. blow them dry with compressed air. prevent knock, pay attention to the balance piece to avoide falling off when assembling.

2. Check assembly marks of parts: carefully check the universal joints, expansion joints, etc. When installing the drive shaft, 

it should be installed in according to the mark; Both side of the universal joint forks shall be installed at the same lever. Many models have a special stipulation mark, we should pay attention to alignment.

3.Cross shaft installation:,the oil filling hole on the cross shaft should be oriented towards the drive shaft to facilitate the filling 

of oil grease. The two offset nozzles shall be separated by 180% to keep the balance bolts tightened according to the 

specified torque.

 4. For the installation of the middle support, press the middle support bearing positively into the spline flange of the middle 

transmission shaft, the fixing bolt of the bearing cover shall not be tightened firstly when install the middle bearing.,After 

completed you should test by run some distance to let it automatically find the center, and then tighten, pay attention not to twist too tight, so as not to crush the rubber gasket ring.