Radiator maintenance tips

- Nov 09, 2020-

There're few maintenance tips for forklift radiator:

1.After start the engine:

(1) Check the thermostate: open the cover of the radiator inlet,it indicates that the thermostate 

works normally if the cooling water inside is calm, otherwise the thermostate works out of order.

2. When the water temperature rise:

(2)Check the thermostate:in the early stage of the engine operation, water temperature raise 

rapidly,when the temperature indicates 80℃,it slowed down,mean the thermostate works normally, 

otherwise it works out of order.

(3)Check the water pump: the water pump is the power for the cooling water to circulate continuously in the 

cooling system, the factors affecting the water pump include impeller and fan belt, if the impeller looses,the cooling 

water can't be circulated, The water temperature will be higher if the belt is large, the roller bearing of the water pump 

and generator will be damaged if the belt is small.

(4) Radiator fan: A thin piece of paper can be placed in front of the radiator to detect the air flow of the fan. 

When the engine running, if the paper can be blown open, it means that the air flow is sufficient.

(5) Clearing the radiator in time: As the radiator is placed at the rear of the vehicle, dust is easy to accumulate on 

the surface of the radiator. If it is not cleaned in time, the heat dissipation effect will be seriously affected.

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