Precautions for use of mechanical forklift

- Jun 13, 2019-

Precautions for use of mechanical forklift


In accordance with the daily maintenance project, we can add the following level of maintenance work:

  1. Check whether the thermostat works normally

  2. check the transmission shift work is normal.

  3.  Check the tightness of fan belt.

  4. Check whether the filter screen of diesel oil import is blocked and damaged, and clean or replace the filter screen.

  5.  Check and adjust valve clearance.

  6.  Check and adjust the gap between brake disc and brake drum of hand and foot brake.

  7.  Check whether the installation of generator and starter motor is firm, whether the wiring joint is clean and firm, check whether the carbon brush and commutator are worn.

  8.  Replace the oil in the oil sump, check whether the crankcase ventilation pipe is intact, and clean the oil filter and diesel filter element.

  9. Check the cylinder pressure or vacuum degree.

  10. Check whether the wheel is installed firmly, whether the tire pressure conforms to the requirements, and clear the debris embedded in the tread.

  11. Parts and components are dismantled due to maintenance work, and forklift truck road test shall be conducted after reassembly.(1) braking performance at different degrees should be free from deviation and snaking.On steep slope, hand brake can stop reliably after tightening.(2) listen to abnormal sound when the engine is running under the conditions of acceleration, deceleration, heavy load or no load.(3) road test a mileage, should check the brake, transmission, front axle housing, gear pump whether overheating.(4) whether the lifting speed of the cargo fork frame is normal and without shaking.

  12. Check whether the multi-channel directional valve, lifting cylinder, inclined cylinder, steering cylinder and gear pump work normally.