Operating Procedures for generators

- Dec 21, 2018-

1. Before starting to check whether the fuel tank oil is sufficient, the tubing and joints at no oil leakage phenomenon, cooling system water is sufficient, clean, no leakage, fan belt tightness is appropriate.

Check the internal combustion engine and generator transmission part should be reliable connection, the output line of the wire insulation is good, each instrument is complete and effective. 2. After starting, should run at low speed for 3-5 minutes, until the temperature and oil pressure wheel are normal, before you can start the operation. The generator should be no different in the lifting speed, the sliding ring and the rectifier on the brush contact is good, no beating and flaming flower phenomenon.

When the operation is stable and the frequency and voltage reach the rated value, the power supply can be supplied outward.

3. When there are different ringing, odor, sharp rise in water temperature and sharp drop of oil pressure in operation, the inspection should be stopped immediately and the fault should be eliminated. 4. Generator power factor must not exceed Sang (lag) 0.95.

The variation range of the frequency value must not exceed 0.5HZ. 5. Before the shutdown should cut off the main switch of the power supply Division, gradually reduce the load, and then cut off the generator power supply main switch, the excitation resistor back to the maximum position of the resistor, so that the voltage to the lowest value, and then cut off the excitation switch and neutral point grounding switch, and finally stop the internal combustion engine operation.