Is it better to rent or buy a forklift

- Jun 26, 2019-

Is it better to rent or buy a forklift


Forklifts are loading and unloading tools that everyone has heard of and even used in industrial cities.

In recent years, with the accelerated development of China's modern logistics industry, the demand for forklifts in various industries is increasing year by year.

Although the financial crisis severely affected the whole forklift truck industry, at the same time let everyone know the key role of cash flow in the survival of enterprises, more and more enterprises become very cautious in fixed asset investment.

Generally speaking, leasing is to choose the equipment by the enterprise first, and the lessor provides the purchase fund of the equipment to the enterprise. The enterprise obtains the right to use the equipment, and the lessor has the legal ownership during the lease period.

Its characteristic is to adopt the form of full installment rent payment, at the same time does not occupy the bank loan amount, obtains the medium and long-term loan equivalent to the full amount of equipment, and the lease cannot be cancelled or terminated during the lease period.

In recent years, some enterprises with advanced management concepts have begun to acquire the right to operate forklifts through forklift truck leasing. Compared with purchasing behavior, forklift truck leasing can effectively relieve the financial pressure of forklift using enterprises and facilitate the flexible configuration of forklifts, which makes more and more enterprises feel the advantages brought by leasing.

At present, forklift truck leasing mainly includes leasing, operating leasing and short-term leasing.