Introduction of forklift torque converter

- Aug 07, 2020-

Hydraulic torque converter use hydraulic fluid  as working medium to transfer torque, automatic clutch, 

When the power of the internal combustion engine, motor drives the input shaft to rotate, the liquid comes out 

from the centrifugal pump in turn, passes through the turbine, regulating wheel and then returns to the pump wheel, 

circulates flows round and round. The pump wheel transmits the mechanical energy of the input shaft to the liquid. 

The high speed liquid pushes the turbine to rotate and transmits the energy to the output shaft,

The hydraulic torque converter transmits the torque by the change of the moment producted by the interaction

Between the liquid and the blade.


1. Act as a clutch to transfer or cut power between the engine and the automatic transmission. 

2. In a certain range of infinitely variable torsion, increase the engine torque. 

3. It acts as a flywheel to keep the engine running smoothly. 

4. Drive the oil pump, make it to work more efficiency.