How to use forklift correctly

- Jul 17, 2019-

Hanzhi tip:

How to use forklift correctly

CeMat fair 2018

The forklift of goods, forklift truck forklift goods, the process is summarized as 8 actions.

1) drive and stack. After the forklift starts, drive the forklift to stop steadily in front of the pallet according to the position of the pallet.

2) vertical door frame. After the forklift stops steadily, put the shift lever into neutral gear and push forward the tilt lever to restore the door frame to the vertical position.

3) adjust the fork height, pull back the lifting lever, and lift the fork, so that the fork tip of the fork is aligned with the undercargo clearance or tray fork hole.

4) fork to pick up the goods, put the shift lever into forward gear 1, and drive the forklift forward slowly, making the fork fork into the gap under the goods or fork hole of the pallet.

Brake the forklift when the fork arm touches the cargo.

5) micro pick-up fork, pull back the lifting lever to raise the fork to the height where the forklift truck can leave and run.

6) tilt the door frame backward and pull the tilting lever backward to make the door frame backward to the limit position.

7) exit the cargo position, put the gear shift lever into backward one gear to ease the braking, and the forklift truck moves back to the position where the cargo can fall.

8) adjust fork height, push the lifting lever forward, put down the fork to a height of 200-300mm from the ground, start back to the loading place.