How to purchase a used forklift truck

- Jul 16, 2019-

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Consumers who buy used forklifts simply do so to save costs.

But with the increase of forklift time, its own value is decreasing.

At present, there are many kinds of models in the market, and the brands are rich and the prices are crossed. Which kind of cars have a high degree of preservation and high residual value?

According to the analysis of professionals, the main factors affecting the residual value of old cars are summarized as follows.

First, the identity of the vehicle

The "origin" of the car itself has a great impact on the residual value of the car. Compared with the official car and private car, taxi and rental car have a poor use condition, with a large mileage and a short scrapping life within the same time, so the residual value of the car itself is basically half that of other types of cars.

Generally speaking the vehicle with higher salvage value is private car, large organ unit car.

Ii. Brand share of vehicles

Products like other products, high visibility and market share will greatly increase its value.

In the old car trade in China, heli forklift truck, hangzhou forklift truck and Japanese brand vehicles have higher self-value than those from other places of production, which is highly recognized by the common people.

The quality and technology of the vehicle itself

As a comprehensive product, the car has higher requirements for safety, maneuverability, comfort, technology, environmental protection and energy conservation.

If the quality of the vehicle itself is low, poor technology, then the use of three or five years after the car is very poor, so some small manufacturers of "cheap" often maintain its value is very low, vehicle depreciation is serious.

Four, the use of the car itself

The vehicle condition is one of the most important determinants of the residual value of the vehicle itself. The same time of use of the vehicle according to different vehicle performance, the price varies a lot.

If the vehicle's key frame, chassis and engine have relatively large repair traces and accident traces, the residual value of the vehicle will be greatly reduced. In contrast, the "residual value loss" caused by other vehicle injuries is much smaller. For example, the tail light is not bright, tire wear and other factors have little impact on the residual value of the vehicle.