How to maintain Toyota forklift Engine

- Jun 10, 2019-

How to maintain the engine of Toyota forklift truck


1. Ensure the oil, water and air feet of the forklift truck.

If the gasoline and air supply is not timely or interrupted, there will be starting difficulties, poor combustion, power reduction, engine can not run policy and other phenomena;

If the oil supply is insufficient or interrupted, the engine will have poor lubrication, serious wear, or even burning tile phenomenon;

If the cold water is not enough, it will make the machine temperature too high, power decline, wear aggravation, reduce the service life.

2. Forklifts often stick to the fastening parts.

The diesel engine or gasoline engine is affected by vibration shock and uneven load in the process of use, the bolts and nuts are easy to loosen, and the adjustment bolts in various parts should be carefully checked, so as not to cause the forklift to damage the parts due to loosening.

Valve clearance, oil supply advance Angle, injection pressure and ignition timing should be checked and adjusted in time to ensure that the engine is always in good technical condition.

This saves fuel and extends the life of the engine.

3. Keep the forklift clean of oil, water, air and machine.

The impure fuel oil of forklift truck can cause the wear of precision fitting parts and increase the fit gap, causing oil leakage, oil dripping, reduction of power supply pressure, larger gap, and even causing oil road blockage, shaft burning and other serious faults.

If there is a lot of dust in the air of forklift truck, it will accelerate the wear of cylinder liner, piston and piston ring.

If the cooling water is not pure, it will increase the scale after cooling, hinder the heat dissipation of the engine, the lubrication condition will become worse, the machine parts wear seriously;

If the body appearance is not clean, will make the body to corrosion, shorten the service life.