How to choose suitable forklift truck

- Jun 19, 2019-

How to choose suitable forklift truck


Different storage modes need to be equipped with different forklifts, and the matching modes achieved will vary greatly in fifo or fifo, space utilization, operation efficiency and investment cost.

For example, the traditional heavy-load rack with balanced weight forklift truck can carry out goods at any shelf position. The operation efficiency is very high, the investment cost is not high, the application is wide, the only sure is the space utilization rate is not;

The drive-in rack is usually used with the front-moving forklift or the small-tonnage balanced weight forklift, which has high stacking density and good space utilization, but it is impossible to reach the goods at any shelf position.

Forklifts have the basic functions of moving and lifting goods horizontally, as well as the capacity of stacking, loading and picking.

After we fully understand the weight, shape, volume and other characteristics of the goods to be carried, we can basically determine what kind of forklift truck should be selected for operation.