Forklift camshaft maintenance methods

- Dec 12, 2020-

1.The deviation of roundness and cylindricity of the camshaft journal should not be more than 0.03mm, 

the wear mass loss of the shaft journal should not be more than 1mm, you can use the small size of the 

shaft journal with corresponding size of the CAM bearing, or use chromium plating increase, 

and then grinding to the standard size. 

2, Camshaft bearing timing gear fixing nut thread been damaged: use welding deposit repairing

ensure the timing gear key and keyway must be consistent, otherwise it should be replaced with a new key. 

3. The wear mass loss of oil pump driving gear and the eccentric wheel surface shall be no more than 0.5mm, 

Otherwise you should use welding deposit repairing methods.

4.The camshaft should be replaced when there're serious abrasion for the drive gear.

5.When three're scratches, burrs and uneven abrasion on the surface, we can use special grinding machine for repair, 

or according to the standard model to give detailed repair.