Forging technology of crankshaft

- Dec 21, 2018-

The automatic line with hot die forging press and electro-hydraulic hammer as the main engine is the development direction of forging crankshaft production, these production lines will generally use precision shearing material, roll forging (wedge rolling) billet, medium frequency induction heating, precision hydraulic press precision pressure and other advanced technology, at the same time equipped with manipulator, conveyor belt, with turntable mold changing device, etc. Formation of flexible manufacturing systems (FMS). The FMS can be automatically replaced with workpieces and molds, as well as automatic parameter adjustment, which is continuously measured during the working process. Display and record data such as forgings thickness and maximum pressure and compare them with fixed values to select the optimum deformation to obtain quality products. The entire system is monitored by the central control room for unmanned operation. The crankshaft forged by this forging method has the whole fiber of internal metal flow line, which can improve the fatigue strength of more than 20%.