Familiar malfunction of brake system and exclusion methods

- Nov 23, 2020-

Below are the partial familiar malfunction of brake system and it's exclusion methods

PhenomenonFamiliar malfunctionExclusion methods
 Insufficient braking forceBraking system oil leakageCheck the tightness of components, pipesand joints
Clearance adjuster does not properly installedAdjust the clearance adjuster.
Brake drum and friction plate in poor contactRetest as required
Impurities attached to friction plateRepair or replace
Overheating for the brake assyCheck if the gap is too small
Produce abnormal sound while brakingBackplane is deformation or the bolt loosen
Repair or replace

There’re impurities attached to brake shoes or the surface is 


Repair or replace
Wheel roller bearing is looseRepair or replace
Uneven abrasion for the friction plateReplace 
Uneven brake:Dirty oil attached to the friction plate surfaceClean or replace the friction plate
Brake wheel cylinder is malfunctionRepair or replace
Tire pressure is not appropriate  Adjusting
Large brake stroke:The clearance for the brake shoe is unadjustedAdjust the regulator

Brake system mixed air

Incorrect adjustment for the brake pedalRetest as required