Engine hood cover function

- Dec 25, 2020-

Below are the engine hood cover function:

1.The shape of the hood can effectively adjust blocking force,the direction of air flow relative to the car

that can reduce the influence of air flow on the car.

Through the guide flow, the air resistance can be decomposed into a beneficial, which is conducive to the 

stability of the forklift.


Vehicle appearance design is an intuitive reflection of vehicle value. The hood, as an important part of the 

overall appearance, plays a vital role in decorate the truck and reflecting the concept of the overall apperance.

3. Assist driving vision: When driving a car, the reflection of the front line of sight and natural light is very important for the driver to 

correctly judge the road and the front condition. The direction and form of reflected light can be effectively 

adjusted through the shape of the engine hood, so as to reduce the influence of light on the driver.

Protect engine and peripheral pipe fittings, etc

4.By improving the strength and structure of the hood,the circuit,oil circuit,brake system,steering system can be 

fully protected from impact,corrosion, rain and electrical interference, 

Fully protect the normal operation of the vehicle.