Carburetor normal maintenance

- Dec 15, 2020-

It's a  mechanical device that mixes a certain proportion of fuel oil and air under the action 

of vacuum produced by engine operation.

and plays an important role in the engine can be called the "heart" of the engine.

1.When disassemble, be sure to use appropriate tools, and moderate force, to prevent 

deformation of the parts.

2.Clean outer surface of carburetor, internal parts can be cleaned with carburetor special cleaning 

agent or industrial fuel oil. In addition. as to impurities, pay attention to cleaning the surface of the 

gelatin parts. In order to prevent re-contamination,The cleaned parts are blown clean with compressed air, and cannot be wiped with cloth or paper that will produce burrs.

3.If more sediment is found in the carburetor float chamber, it is usually caused by the failure of the 

fuel filter. At this point you should check the fuel filter, If you confirm it's out of work.

 please replace it with a new one.