2 types of accelerator pedal

- Jan 08, 2021-

Generally,there're 2 types of accelerator pedal:

one is floor type,the shaft is located at the bottom of the pedal, 

so the sole of the foot can all step up, the pedal itself is a fulcrum, 

leg and ankle can more easily control the pedal, accordingly improve 

the accuracy of the foot to control the pedal, that to reduce fatigue. 

Another is suspension pedal, due to the shaft is located at the top of the 

bracket, the lower structure is relatively simple, so it also makes its tramping 

way more light, it can designed to iron bar strcture instead of pedal bracket, 

So to a large extent,save the cost, that why more and more manufacturers 

prefer to choose this kind of pedal. 

The suspension gas pedal which only provide fulcrum for the front foot,

can be stiff for the calves with long periods of driving.

So, that's why most people complain it's more tired for long time driving with 

the suspend pedal.