Radiator For Forklift 7FD30/T6/C240

We can offer forklift radiator for different models. Radiator for forklift 7FD30/T6/C240,part no.H234B2-10002,ATM cooling system forklfit parts radiator for 8FD/G25-30,1DZ,part no.16420-36610-71. Cooling system water radiator for F19C/4.5T/S6S,part no.91802-09300
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Product Details

Production Description 

  • Part name:Radiator 

  • Applied model:7FD30/T6/C240  

  • Part No.: H234B2-10002

  • Specification:ATM

  • Leadtime:In stock 

  • Materials:Aluminum

  • Size:as pictures

  • Quality:good performance 

  • Cooling system:Carburetor,Fan blade,Fan belt,fan pully,oil radiator,oil pan,themostat,water pump,upper&lower water hose....

   Any you need,just contact us anytime!

forklift parts radiator for 7FD30/T6/C240,ATM,with part no.H234B2-10002.

We import parts with genuine paerts and OEM parts,full range,competitive prces,models from FD(FG)10 to FD50 based.


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